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Sunday, August 27, 2006

5 years ago, a tragedy occurred. Regardless of your politics, regardless of your beliefs about who was the perpetrator, the fact remains, 2996 Americans fell victim to an attack on September 11, 2001. Personally, that day is etched in my mind as deeply as the Kennedy assassinations, and the Challenger explosion.

In honor of the victims of that day, someone thought it would be fitting for bloggers to honor just one of the victims on their blog. I have the 2950th victim, Nizam A. Hafiz, age 32; place killed: World Trade Center. Resident of New York, N.Y. (USA). There is a web page in honor of Nizam here:
He was a computer analyst, known as Nez to his family, and was loved and is still missed by family and friends. He worked for Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. On the weekends, he was a Cricket star...But a mild-mannered cricket star. "He was a proper gent, as we like to say, on the field and off the field," said Lesly R. Lowe, president of the Commonwealth Cricket League, of which Mr. Hafiz was captain.

Mr. Hafiz, 32, was a member of the United States national team, which last year actually defeated an English team on its home turf. He had also been captain of the American Cricket Society.

In Guyana, where he was born, Mr. Hafiz played on the under-19 national team, said his sister, Debbie Ally. He moved to New York about a decade ago, she said, and lived with his parents in South Ozone Park, Queens.

Mr. Hafiz was admired for his cricket skills, but "more than that, he was a very likable guy," said Atul Rai, president of the United States of America Cricket Association. "People liked him for his manners. In cricket, those things are also important." (Courtesy of

Nizam was last seen on the 94th floor of the World Trade Tower #1. He will forever be 32.

The victims of 9-11-01 were more than just numbers and statistics. They were real people, family members, team members, leaders... Let us remember them...for who they were in their own lives and stop remembering how this all came about. Let's celebrate the lives of those, the character of those who were abruptly taken from their time here on earth.

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